TIER2 Pilot 4: To enhance the reproducibility of code and data in the Computational Social Science

10 May 2024

Steered by the mission to foster community-driven stakeholder development, TIER2 has launched its Pilot activities campaign #TIER2Pilots. These eight activities, co-designed with the project’s stakeholders, aim to revolutionise reproducibility-related tools and practices across the research lifecycle.  

For the upcoming weeks, we will be sharing insights into each Pilot's journey, continuing with Pilot 4 - Reproducibility Checklists for Computational Social Science Research. 

Pilot 4 focuses on the rapidly-growing area of Computational Social Science (CSS). Specifically, it aims to provide a structure of well-defined checklists and templates that can help computational social scientists review and ensure data and code reproducibility. The checklists and review templates cater to the specific needs of three CSS research phases: 

  • planning and data collection; 
  • process and analysis; 
  • sharing and archiving the research resources. 

Pilot 4’s development will be guided by consultation with CSS researchers, followed by a phase of iterative testing and refinement. After the Pilot’s implementation, surveys will be carried out to analyse and evaluate the conducted activities and results. 

Starting in November 2023, the Pilot will be in development until November 2025 targeting computational social scientists (research producers and consumers) under the guidance of Fakhri Momeni (Gesis Leibniz Institute for Social Sciences). Get in touch with the Pilot lead and learn more about the rest of the Pilots here. 

TIER2 Pilot 4