Develop, implement, and evaluate: Discover TIER2's community-led Pilot activities

2 April 2024

One of TIER2’s main objectives is to drive change through community-driven stakeholder development. Central to it are the project’s eight Pilot activities – co-designed with stakeholders to develop, implement, and evaluate new reproducibility-related tools and practices across the whole research lifecycle for funders, publishers and scientists.

In the initial phase of Pilot development, TIER2 has employed co-creation techniques to conceive and co-design these activities. For comprehensive insights, explore our “Future Studies” report with scenario-planning and backcasting, or our Workshop Report detailing co-creation activities with publishers.

With this initial phase behind our backs, we are now happy to share with all the TIER2 Pilot activities. You can find out more about the pilots on their dedicated webpage here. Stakeholders are very welcome to provide feedback or expressions of interest in collaboration!

Stay tuned to learn more about each Pilot in our upcoming news items and following the #TIER2Pilots social media posts.

Discover TIER2's community-led Pilot activities