2021 | Proceedings paper

Argumentation Mining in Scientific Literature for Sustainable Development

Authors: Fergadis A, Pappas D, Karamolegkou A, Papageorgiou H

Status: Published
Proceedings: Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Argument Mining

2020 | Journal paper

Automatically detecting open academic review praise and criticism

Authors: Thewall M, Papas EM, Nyakoojo Z, Allen L, Weigert V

Status: Published
Journal: Online Information Review
Volume/Issue: 44

2015 | Journal paper

Beyond authorship: attribution, contribution, collaboration, and credit

Authors: Brand A, Allen L, Altman M, Hlava M, Scott J

Status: Published
Journal: Learned Publishing
Volume/Issue: 28

2020 | Journal paper

Data Sources and Persistent Identifiers in the Open Science Research Graph of OpenAIRE

Authors: Schirrwagen J, Bardi A, Czerniak A, Loehden A, Rettberg N, Mertens M, Manghi P

Status: Published
Journal: International Journal of Digital Curation
Volume/Issue: 15

2023 | Deliverable

Deliverable D1.1 – Project handbook (including management, research integrity & quality assurance plans)

Authors: Kormann E, Klebel T, Ross-Hellauer T

Status: Published
Deliverable number: D1.1
Publisher: KNOW
Pages: 26

2023 | Deliverable

Deliverable D2.1 – Stakeholder Communication & Engagement Plan

Authors: Ganchev N, Metodiev T

Status: Published
Deliverable number: D2.1
Publisher: PENSOFT
Pages: 42

2021 | Journal paper

Does the use of open, non-anonymous peer review in scholarly publishing introduce bias? Evidence from the F1000Research post-publication open peer review publishing model

Authors: Thelwall M, Allen L, Papas ER, Nyakoojo Z, Weigert V

Status: Published
Journal: Journal of Information Science
Volume/Issue: 47

2022 | Journal paper

Dynamics of cumulative advantage and threats to equity in open science: a scoping review

Authors: "Ross-Hellauer T, Reichmann S, Cole NL, Fessl A, Klebel T, Pontika N"

Status: Published
Journal: Royal Society of Open Science
Volume/Issue: 9

2021 | Journal paper

Exploring the Gray Area : Similarities and Differences in Questionable Research Practices (QRPs) Across Main Areas of Research

Authors: Ravn T, Sørensen MP

Status: Published
Journal: Science and Engineering Ethics
Volume/Issue: 27

2019 | Journal paper

FAIRsharing as a community approach to standards, repositories and policies

Authors: Sansone SA, McQuilton P, Rocca-Serra P, Gonzalez-Beltran A, Izzo M, Lister AL, Thurston M

Status: Published
Journal: Nature Biotechnology
Volume/Issue: 37

2017 | Journal paper

From Open Access to Open Science from the viewpoint of a scholarly publisher.

Authors: Penev L

Status: Published
Journal: Research Ideas and Outcomes
Volume/Issue: 3

2021 | Journal paper

How to connect academics around the globe by organizing an asynchronous virtual unconference

Authors: Holman C, Kent BA, Weissgerber TL

Status: Published
Journal: Wellcome Open Research
Volume/Issue: 6

2018 | Proceedings paper

Inferring Missing Categorical Information in Noisy and Sparse Web Markup

Authors: Tempelmeier N, Demidova E, Dietze S

Status: Published
Proceedings: Proceedings of the 2018 World Wide Web Conference

2009 | Journal paper

Looking for Landmarks: The Role of Expert Review and Bibliometric Analysis in Evaluating Scientific Publication Outputs

Authors: Allen L, Jones C, Dolby K, Lynn D, Walport M

Status: Published
Journal: PLoS ONE
Volume/Issue: 4

2022 | Journal paper

Messing with Merton: the intersection between Open Science Practices and Mertonian values

Authors: Hosseini M, Senabre Hidalgo E, Horbach SPJM, Güttinger S, & Penders B

Status: Published
Journal: Accountability in Research