TIER2 Pilot 3: Boosting reproducibility in life and computer sciences

17 May 2024

Steered by the mission to foster community-driven stakeholder development, TIER2 has launched its Pilot activities campaign #TIER2Pilots. These eight activities, co-designed with the project’s stakeholders, aim to revolutionise reproducibility-related tools and practices across the research lifecycle.  

For the upcoming weeks, we will be sharing insights into each Pilot's journey, continuing with Pilot 3 - Reproducible Workflows.  

The goal of this Pilot is to enhance computational reproducibility in Life and Computer Sciences by providing researchers with intuitive tools. Therefore, reproducible workflows will be developed by adapting the SCHEMA open-source platform, using technologies like software containerisation, workflow description languages, and experiment packaging specifications to fit specific epistemic needs.  

Starting in September 2023, the Pilot will be in development until November 2025 targeting researchers in life and computer sciences under the guidance of Eleni Adamidi and Thanasis Vergoulis (Athena Research Center). Get in touch with the Pilot leads and learn more about the rest of the Pilots here. 

TIER2 Pilot 3