TIER2 Hackathon at FENS Forum 2024: Enhancing Reproducibility in Neuroscience

15 April 2024

TIER2 places a strong emphasis on empowering research communities to bolster their capacity for reproducibility over the long haul. One of the applied capacity-building strategies includes organising and facilitating Reproducibility Hackathons, or ‘ReproHacks’, co-located with discipline-specific conferences. 

ReproHacks* serve as a dynamic co-creation opportunity where researchers collectively work together, attempting to reproduce published research findings, thereby advancing scientific rigour and transparency. 

TIER2’s next hackathon will take place as a satellite event to the FENS Forum 2024 in Vienna. The FENS Forum is Europe’s largest neuroscience congress, covering all areas of neuroscience from basic to translational research.

Reproducibility and Replication are important in neuroscience as they constitute an opportunity to improve the way research is conducted and to promote scientific progress, allowing other neuroscience researchers to build on work done previously by others. During this TIER2 Reproducibility Hackathon, participants can either propose a publication or select one from a list provided by the organisers. The event will also include two lightning talks with insights into Open Science practices in neuroscience and reproducibility hackathons.

Discover the full event programme and register here

*It is important to note that this event format is not intended to criticise or discredit any research efforts. The main aim is to facilitate an important learning experience and to connect neuroscientists to gain insights into reproducibility, exchange knowledge, and share experiences.

TIER2 Hackathon at FENS Forum 2024