Reflecting on the 8th World Conference on Research Integrity: Insights from TIER2

14 June 2024

The 8th World Conference on Research Integrity (WCRI) took place between 2-5 June, in Athens, Greece, gathering a diverse group of participants committed to enhancing research integrity across disciplines and career stages. This year's conference theme, "Catalysing the translation of research into trustworthy policy and innovation," brought together universities, research institutes, funders, publishers, and government bodies to discuss critical issues in research integrity.

Several TIER2 partners actively contributed through plenary sessions, presentations, and posters. Joeri Tijdink (Amsterdam VUmc) and Liz Allen (F1000) discussed the futures of reproducibility from different disciplinary contexts, as well as from a publisher’s perspective, while Alexandra Bannach-Brown (Berlin Institute of Health at Charité) presented TIER2’s activities for fostering a funders community in reproducibility.

Alexandra presenting TIER2’s activities

In addition, partners from different institutions represented TIER2 in the poster sessions, emphasising frameworks for reproducibility and sharing preliminary results from their ongoing research.

Friederike Kohrs with her poster on widening reproducibility in EU

Thanasis Vergoulis and Eleni Adamidi with their poster on a new RO-Crate profile for computational experiments

Barbara Leitner with her poster on the preferred future of reproducibility

Find out more about WCRI 2024 here.

Joeri Tijdink presenting the futures of reproducibility from different disciplinary contexts