TIER2’s funder workshops: Forming a next-level funders community

27 March 2024

On 18 October 2023, TIER2 held its first workshop for funders, attended by four representatives from major funding organisations in Europe. The workshop aimed to foster an engaged community of funders committed to supporting future empirical work within TIER2, while discussing key topics and strategies for advancing reproducible research from their perspective. 

To offer insights into TIER2’s funder community, a summary report of the first TIER2 funder workshop is now available. It seeks to add knowledge to the next steps of the project, namely organising co-creation workshops to explore the important topics for funders to promote reproducibility, with the next funder workshop being scheduled for 27 March and 5 April.  

If you represent a funding body and are interested in participating in TIER2’s funder community activities, please reach out to Joeri K. Tijdink ( and Barbara Leitner (