TIER2 joins forces with Open Research Publisher F1000

25 January 2023

F1000 is an open-access publishing platform that offers a range of publishing solutions to researchers, editors, reviewers and larger partners such as research institutions and associations. Their unique publishing model prioritises transparency, reproducibility and editorial rigor - values that all strongly align with the mission and vision of TIER2. F1000 works to advance the understanding and impact of scientific research and to make sure that it reaches a wide and diverse audience.

As per TIER2’s Grant Agreement, F1000 will be closely involved in all publisher-oriented activities of the project and will additionally facilitate the engagement of publishers in discussion and support the development, testing and promotion of tools and other project outputs.

Aside from the shared vision and goals between the two, the continued cooperation between TIER2 and F1000 is formally ensured by a signed Memorandum of Understanding.

Open Research Publisher F1000