TIER2 discussing the futures of reproducibility

8 March 2024
TIER2 partners will be presenting at the upcoming Center of Open Science webinar titled: "Reproducibility Futures and the Need to Center Epistemic Diversity" on 17 April at 16:00 CET online. Jesper W. Schneider, Barbara Leitner, Joeri Tijdink and Tony Ross-Hellauer will be engaging in two discussions, followed by an inclusive Q&A session. 

The first part of this webinar examines why thinking about relevance and feasibility of reproducibility matters. The second part focuses on the future of reproducibility in scientific research. This session will discuss potential methodological and policy changes that could shape research reproducibility, emphasizing the necessity of epistemic diversity in informing these developments. 

The webinar aims to provide a nuanced understanding of the current challenges and future directions in research reproducibility, offering insights into how scientific practices may evolve in response to these issues.

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