TIER2 deliverable on methods, tools and practices to increase reproducibility across diverse epistemic contexts

18 March 2024

A new TIER2 deliverable is now accessible through the project’s library, providing the theoretical, evidential and strategic framework for the project. It aims to capture the complexity in the meaning(s) of reproducibility across contexts, as well as provide a conceptual framework that systematically relates epistemic diversity to reproducibility by identifying key research characteristics affecting the relevance and feasibility of different types of reproducibility.

The deliverable “State-of-play on methods, tools, practices to increase reproducibility across diverse epistemic contexts'' devises a strategic intervention logic for designing and implementing interventions that aim at sustainable behavioural change towards increased reproducibility. Its purpose is to serve the future stages of TIER2, especially the design, implementation, and test of a series of new tools and instruments (the “Pilots”) conducted within TIER2 Work Packages 4 and 5.

Check out the deliverable here

*This project deliverable has been submitted to, but not yet reviewed by the Research Executive Agency, and might thus be subject to change.

Deliverable D3.1