Toward equitable open research: new relevant article on Open Research Recommendations

6 February 2023

A new article titled "Toward equitable open research: stakeholder co-created recommendations for research institutions, funders and researchers" was published in Royal Society Open Science on the 1st of February. 

The article, authored by TIER2's Tony-Ross Hellauer and Nicki Lisa Cole, together with their TU Graz colleague Stefan Reichmann is based on the results from the previous ON-MERRIT project investigating how and if open and responsible research practices could worsen existing inequalities. Using co-creation methods with the project's diverse community of researchers, research managers and funders, actionable recommendations are put forward for supporting the equitable implementation of Open Research and for addressing key challenges along the way.

The results of the publication are strongly linked to TIER2's aims and research areas, and present a foundation to open research and co-creation practices that will be employed in it. 

We congratulate the authors for their publication and invite you to read it here.