Join TIER2’s Reproducibility Café: Discussing Reproducibility Management Plans

21 March 2024

On 24 April, TIER2’s partner OpenAIRE will host a Reproducibility Café. The event promises to bring together scientists and reproducibility professionals to discuss existing prototypes and brainstorm solutions to overcome current limitations in the research landscape. The focus will be on incentivising reproducibility practices at the planning stage of research.

Participants will receive an introduction to TIER2, including insights into its Pilot on Reproducibility Management Plans and the progress achieved thus far. Following this, breakout sessions will offer a casual environment along with tools and guidance, encouraging active participation in discussions on three key topics:

  • Identifying the reproducibility elements in the existing template(s)

  • Answering the question: Is it sufficient/complete?

  • Proposing what could/should change to accommodate more reproducibility elements

Subsequently, each breakout group will share their key findings with the entire group.

Find out more and register for the event here

TIER2 Reproducibility Café