First TIER2-Derived Publication is now on ArXiv

24 July 2023

The first research article published with the support of the TIER2 project is now out on ArXiv. TIER2's Dominik Kowald and Tony Ross-Hellauer alongside three of their colleagues (Harald Semmelrock, Simone Kopeinik and Dieter Theiler) co-authored the article titled "Reproducibility in Machine Learning-Driven Research".

The mini-review focuses on assessing the state of machine learning (ML) reproducibility in different research areas, identifying the challenges and obstacles that hinder its realization, and discovering potential enablers such as tools and interventions that could enhance ML reproducibility with the end goal to inform decisions on potential solutions for improving ML-based research reliability. The review focuses on applications of machine learning in different subfields of i) Computer Science (deep learning, reinforcement learning, natural language processing, recommender systems), ii) Health and Life Science, and other research fields (chemistry, materials science, genomics, satellite imaging) providing a comprehensive overview of their ML usage and issues related to reproducibility.

Find the full article here.