Dive into reproducibility and epistemic diversity with TIER2’s first policy brief

14 March 2024

TIER2’s first policy brief “Reproducibility and Epistemic Diversity”, written by Jesper W. Schneider, Sven Ulpts, Nicki Lisa Cole and Tony Ross-Hellauer, is now accessible through the project’s library.

In light of recent concerns surrounding purportedly low reproducibility rates across various disciplines, ensuring reproducibility has become a key priority for research stakeholders. 

To aid policymakers in navigating these challenges, TIER2 has translated the findings from its first year into a concise policy brief. This brief offers guidance on crafting policies that are sensitive to epistemic diversity, which plays a pivotal role in determining the relevance and feasibility of reproducibility efforts. Epistemic diversity refers to differences in the fundamental conditions of knowledge production both within and across fields. In an effort to assist policymakers in crafting policies attuned to these differences, TIER2 has outlined a series of questions to be considered prior to policy formulation.

Read the full policy brief here.

*This project deliverable has been submitted to, but not yet reviewed by the Research Executive Agency, and might thus be subject to change.

TIER2’s first policy brief